Our metalworking department specializes in tube processing, covering many different materials. Among the tasks performed are laser cutting and bending of complex welding geometries. From blanks to final products we manufacture more than 2.3 million finished parts per year.

We cut tube diameters of up to 152 millimeters using fully automated CO2 and fiber laser cutting machines. We can cut steel in wall thicknesses up to eight millimeters, stainless steel in wall thicknesses up to five millimeters and aluminum in wall thicknesses up to four millimeters.  For bending tubes we use a fully electronic CNC tube bending machine with robot technology. We can process tube diameters of up to 40 millimeters and lengths of up to 2,500 millimeters. Up to three different radii can be achieved per component. We use both a welding robot based on state-of-the-art low-spatter CMT technology and ergonomically designed manual MAG welding workstations for low-volume productions and prototypes.