360° Birds Eye View Vision System -Including Pedestrian Detection


  • 1080P full HD video input and output, providing a real-time image with screen layback down to 150ms
  • One-minute Automatic Calibration, saving time and work
  • 3D/2D switchable image as well as optional landscape and portrait, satisfying all kinds of need
  • Video Recording: 2 x 512GB SD cards, supporting ultra-capacitor to secure the video fi le
  • Featuring FCW function, no extra camera or installation
  • Provide super rear view camera with 3D technology, covering all the lanes to achive a more secure lane merge
  • Quickly and smoothly pop up the single-view image with low latency
  • Support RTSP video output
  • Compatible with radars and parking sensors, supporting real-time video and audio overlay to actively warn the drivers to avoid obstacles and other potential dangers
  • Support IP camera, connect more cameras, provide more views
  • Compatible with pedestrian detection cameras to have audio reminder
  • Operating temperature -20 ºC ~ +70 ºC
  • Low-lux night vision: still visible under 0.1lux with no need of Infrared light
  • GPS tracking optional

360° Birds Eye Including Pedestrian Detection