Improved Safety and Efficiency with Camera Monitor Systems

As a specialist for all-around visibility solutions, it is our task to perfectly integrate mirrors, cameras and monitors in one system.

MEKRA camera monitor systems are groundbreaking, innovative and versatile solutions for front, side or rear view applications – individually or in combination. Thanks to their rugged design and excellent synergy, they are particularly well suited for rough environmental conditions.

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Our camera is based on a high-quality, modular development platform. This allows for customized camera solutions that can be adapted to the respective vehicle type in a time- and cost-efficient manner.
For example, we recommend using our cameras on agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, vans, forklifts, and municipal and emergency vehicles.

Camera systems


AI cameras can identify pedestrians and vehicles such as cyclists, electric bikers, and pedestrians on foot. A warning signal can be triggered on detection.



With the help of camera monitor systems from MEKRA Lang, you can increase your efficiency and work safety. By mounting the cameras correctly, blind spots and areas that are difficult to see can be minimized, thus preventing damage to property and personal injury. It also significantly increases ergonomics and comfort for the machine operator.
Due to its robust design, our camera monitor system is also suitable for extreme conditions and can thus be used for versatile applications around the globe.

Monitors Systems


Radar systems, in addition to mirror and camera solutions, can monitor other areas around the machine. Optical and/or acoustic signals from the display warn the machine operator about objects or people in the travel path or danger zones. Combined with a camera system, the operator can monitor the situation with just one glance at the monitor.
We have been successfully using the sensors and product solutions of our partner PRECO Electronics in construction machinery for many years. The main areas of application here are construction machinery and off-road vehicles. Applications on on-road vehicles are also possible. Standard ranges of three, four and a half, six and ten meters around the machine can be detected.  For special applications, up to 30 meters are possible as well.

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Radar Systems